Nylon 12 Powder

 Bulking and Stablizing Agent

DATA SHEET                                                                                                                                                                                  NYLON 12 POWDER


Nylon-12 is a polyamide. This synthetic powder has a silky feel and is free of odor. It’s polymetric structure makes an ideal bulking agent and stablizing agent. The mean particle size of Nylon 12 Powder is 10 m and the particle size distribution is very narrow. This property is very important for the feel and texture in cosmetic applications. Thus distribution is censored highly soft upon application. When wetted Nylon 12 Powder appears very transparent next to the conventional nylon. It has very little or no hiding power and permits good color development of color pigments when used together. Nylon has a great absorption capacity. Active ingredients can be totally encapsulated in the Nylon which acts as a sustained release agent. Nylon can absorb sebum from the skin and prevents an oily look.




Nearly   true white powder, odorless

Substance   shape:


Loss   on Drying (1hr @105 C):

<   2 %

pH   (10% in water):

7.0   +/- 1.0

Infrared   spectrum ID (Genesis series FTIR-MATTSON):

Conforms   to the standard

Melting   point:

>   190 C


<   0.5%

Bulk   density:

0.3   - 0.5 g/cm3

Mean   particle size distribution (Mastersizer- MALVERN):

10   +/- 2 m



Nylon-12 has excellent adherence to the skin and imparts a soft and silky feel. It is also a mattifying agent.  


Face Powders, Foundations, Make-up, Blushers, Eye Shadows, Mascara, Powders (dusting, talcum, aftershave talcs), Face and Neck Preparations, Eyeliners, Skin Care, Lipsticks.


5.0% to 25.0%


INCI NAME: Nylon-12     CAS No. 25038-74-8

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